About Us

A leading auto transport provider, Safeway Car Transport, provides exceptional auto transportation services for a wide range of customers. Whether an individual or company needs vehicle relocation within the same state, across the country or internationally, Safeway Car Transport safely transports vehicles to customers’ identified locations.

Reliable and Dependable Transportation of Vehicles

Fully licensed and insured, Safeway Car Transport brings cars, motorcycles, boats, antique cars, collector cars, RVs and all vehicles to their new locations safely. Whether it’s one vehicle or multiple vehicles involved in a transport, customers receive the same reliable and timely service that Safeway consistently provides for all of its customers.

Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Safeway Car Transport sets high standards for its services. Safeway is fully licensed and bonded as federally required. Safeway Car Transport utilizes the vast knowledge and critical information available from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which allows for a continuous review of services rendered. This ensures quality in services as well as confirmation that transportation carriers are in top condition as federally recommended. It also ensures that Safeway’s carrier drivers are qualified and fully licensed and insured for operating car transport carriers.

Convenient Safeway Car Transport Tracking Available

Safeway Car Transport provides tracking of vehicles for customers’ convenience. Customers call 1.800.453.6344 and Safeway’s staff assists customers in tracking their vehicles with accurate information such as the vehicle’s current location and estimated time of arrival.

A Range of Satisfied Customers Serviced

Customers using Safeway Car Transport services include individuals as well as organizations relocating to any area in the United States as well as international locations. This includes families moving to a new location across the country, individuals going off to college, car dealerships relocating to a different part of the state, car collectors participating in car shows and federal and armed service individuals relocating nationally or internationally. These are only a few of the many types of customers Safeway Car Transport services.

Rapid Growth in Servicing Internet Vehicle Sellers and Buyers

In addition to the traditional customers mentioned above, there is a rapid growth in the number of Internet car buyers and sellers using Safeway Car Transport services. Repeat customers buying and selling vehicles online expect fast, safe and reliable vehicle transportation at reasonable costs and they come back for Safeway’s exceptional service that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Safeway Car Transport Quotes

Customized quotes can be requested online. Individuals requesting an online quote receive a fast and accurate response. All estimates are itemized for customers’ convenience and understanding of Safeway’s pricing. The quick form requires minimal time for completing. Individuals answer a few specific questions so that Safeway has the required information for customizing an accurate quote. The shipping rate quote form is located on our home page.

Selecting the Open or Enclosed Carrier Option

Individuals often select a closed carrier when they intend to keep vehicles free from contact with debris and harsh weather conditions during the travel to the new location.

Safeway Car Transport Contact Information

Safeway Car Transport can be contacted through the ‘Contact Us’ page. Customer service specialists will respond accurately and in a timely fashion to each inquiry submitted regarding services.

Individuals seeking affordable prices without sacrificing quality choose Safeway Car Transport, a reliable, convenient and safe way to transport vehicles to new locations.