The Importance of Research when Choosing an Auto Transportation Service Provider

Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier than ever for people to buy and sell cars all over the country. People that have been looking for that special car they could not find in their immediate area can now find it anywhere in the country. The only step left after buying the car is making sure that it gets shipped quickly and safely to the buyer.

Prior to hiring an auto transport company, it is important to do some research and make sure that the transportation company provides the exact service you want. The buyer is spending a lot of money on the vehicle and the shipping charges, so it makes sense to do a little preliminary research and make sure that the shipping services are what the buyer wants.


It is often easier to hire an auto transportation company through an online broker that has several different companies to choose from. These online brokers solicit feedback from customers and rate each shipper based on customer feedback.

A buyer can also read customer feedback to see if a particular shipper has established a trend. For example, if a shipper has several negative comments regarding late shipments, then that will have to be taken into account before hiring that shipper. That does not mean that the buyer should not hire the shipper. It just means that the buyer should negotiate a potential late fee with the shipper prior to agreeing to a shipping contract.

Carrier Method

One of the questions that people neglect to ask auto transportation companies is what kind of carrier method the company uses. Some companies ship in a closed trailer, while others use an open flatbed.

There is no right or wrong way, but it may matter to the buyer as to how the vehicle is shipped. If the buyer would feel better if the vehicle was shipped in a closed trailer, then that is a question that needs to be asked before the shipping deal is signed. If the buyer is not against the idea of an open flatbed but has specific requests on protecting the vehicle, then that is also something to discuss with the shipper.

In some cases, the amount of time a delivery will take can dictate what kind of carrier is used. If the vehicle is coming across the country and will be in shipment for three or four days, then a closed trailer would be a better method than an open flatbed.

Pick-Up and Delivery

There are two types of auto transportation options; there is a door to door service, or a terminal service. Door to door means that the vehicle is picked up at the shipper’s location and brought directly to the buyer’s location. This can be more expensive, but it is also much more convenient.

A terminal service means that the shipper will have to bring the vehicle to a shipping terminal and the transportation company will deliver it to the closest terminal near the buyer’s location. The terminal service is often cheaper as far as transportation fees, but the shipper may charge an extra fee to take the vehicle to a terminal. It will be necessary to explore both of these options and get as much information as possible to make the right decision.

When a buyer finds the perfect vehicle but it is several hundred miles away, then the buyer will need to contract with an auto transportation company to make sure the vehicle is shipped safely to the buyer’s location. The buyer needs to do some research on the various shipping options in order to make the right decision on how to ship his new vehicle.