Customer Testimonials

Poster: Hector
Subject: Vehicle on Time easy to work with.

Review: Mike worked with me to get my classic car transported in a timely fashion. I wasn’t in a hurry to get my car shipped as I wanted a good deal to ship it to me. After Mike at Safeway found a carrier for my vehicle he was very prompt about tying everything together and it went as smooth as you could possibly ask for. Mike did a great job catering to my specific needs and working within my time frames and schedules. This wasn’t the first company I spoke with, the other companies were very short, all business and not very personable or hard to understand. I would highly recommend Safeway Car Transport again for those who want a good experience with the people who coordinate the transporting of your vehicles.

Poster: Sam

Review: I had many, many companies bid on transporting my auto. I first chose Safeway because of their low price (not the lowest) and their eagerness to work with me. I was appalled by the malice expressed by other companies who learned of my choice (how I do not know). It was totally unprofessional and unwarranted. Staff was knowledgeable, explained and answered all my questions and had the vehicle picked up and delivered on time without damage. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone needing to have a vehicle transported.

Poster: Jesse O
Review: Mike was honest and said I needed to pay just a bit more than most shippers were quoting me in order to get my truck from the remote spot that it was in. His approach worked great and it got a transporter to pick up my truck the very next day. Thanks for solving my problem and getting my truck to me quicker than I expected.

Poster: Dave
Review: I never shipped my car before and Mike made it easy. He wasn’t the lowest, or the highest, but he explained how he worked and it all made sense. The transporter picked up the car a couple days after I talked with mike and was delivered with no muss, no fuss. Great Job!

Poster: Sharon Struth

Review: I’ve never shipped a car before. We needed to send my 22 year old daughters car across the country, where she’ll be living for the next year. I had requested the car be delivered to a place two hours north of Seattle. The number of companies on the internet is overwhelming but we sent out requests for quotes.

A day or two into our search, Mike from Safeway called me to discuss his estimate. He explained that the location in the northern tip of the country was a tough one for many truckers to reach. He further explained that many would TELL me the car could be delivered there but it would add time and expense that they might not mentioned up front. He explained how having it dropped off closer to Seattle would keep prices and delivery time down. In that conversation, he also gave me a thorough explanation about the car transport business.

Mike’s talk was low pressure and honest. I didn’t commit right away but in the day or two from his call, not one other broker bothered to explain to me that much about the business. I decided to work with him. I got a sense he was an honest guy, who didn’t want to trick me into thinking he’d get my car on a truck tomorrow so I’d sign on with him, but I knew he’d get it on a truck within a reasonable timeframe. Anytime I called to find out if a truck had returned to make pickups in the Northeast, he was patient and explained his thoughts. When he did find a carrier, he found a driver who would go a bit further north, so my daughter’s pick up would be easier.

The car is on it’s way. I would highly recommend working with Safeway Auto Transport. A few places called me in between the time I signed up with Mike and the actual pickup. They were pushy. The driver was nice and understood my motherly stress about having my daughter pick up the car. I felt confident he’ll get it to her. Again, I’d give Safeway Auto Transport a “big thumbs up” and would use them again in a heartbeat.